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[Open Centre] "New" new Open Centre newsletter, with some news... :)

Dear friends of the Open Centre,

There was, finally, a problem with the Google Group which we used for the Open Centre newsletter.  So we transferred the Open Centre newsletter to a new system, using an open source program called "phplist", hosted on the same web server used by Open Dharma.  (Note:  We will soon close that Google Group, so do not worry if you receive a message saying that you have been unsubscribed from that it.)
Now the more regular newsletters are starting, and they will be sent more or less every 2 weeks.

Sorry to all of you that haven't received the newsletters in the past or who had difficulties to subscribe.  It won't be the case with this new system.

If you know people who had difficulties joining the Open Centre newsletter in the past, please send them this new (and working!) subscription link:

Because of that delay, I have now a long list activities that happened or that will happen for the Open Centre, which we will unveil in the next few newsletters!

Some update from Jaya-ji about the Open Centre:

The property:
We have recently heard from the owners of the original inspiring property that they are still
interested in selling and not currently looking for other buyers.  So even though Open Dharma
decided not to risk giving the down payment in September, there is still the possibility that the
Open Centre happens there.

Other properties:
Meanwhile, we are also researching other possible places to buy.  One sangha friend named Vicky is
dedicating several months this winter to supporting the Open Centre project in Spain, especially
by looking for potential properties and updating the budget.

We are continually surprised and grateful to see that many donations still continue to flow in,
including some quite large donations.

The fundraising team:
It is wonderful to feel the energy of friends who are enthusiastically looking for ways to put
together money and support for the Open Centre.  If anyone wants to join in, then please contact
Kellieji, purepurity1 (AT) gmail.com

Since the Open Centre is for the "common wealth" of us all, the input of these many friends feels
appropriate and inspiring.

And some news about different fund-raising events happening for the Open Centre:

From Ulrika-ji, who gave yoga classes in Leipzig, Germany:
"For six weeks I gave a evening yoga class on Thursday in my place for friends. We saw the Open Center film together after practicing yoga and meditation for 2 hours and the people donated money for the Open Centre. I enjoyed teaching yoga and the feedback of my friends told me that they enjoyed it too."

From Ariane-ji, who recently gave a conference about Open Dharma (this newsletter went out later than planned, sorry about that!):
"Next 13th November there will be a conference given by Ariane Blais concerning Open Dharma. This conference will take place at the Ste-Foy Yoga Center in Québec, Canada which seems to be a really open minded center, ready to receive all kind of wisdom so we felt that really fits with Open Dharma's Spirit. The center just asked Ariane about what is Open Dharma and in which way their approach to meditation is special. This curiosity come from a little poster made for the Québec retreat in June 2007. They were curious to know more about this organization and thought that could be interesting for their members. The challenge will be to transmit the Spirit of Open Dharma to people that never had direct contact with their "philosophy" of meditation and exploration of Life. We expect around 30 persons to that conference and the Yoga Center will give 100$ CAN for that event, that will be directly transferred to the Open Center project. This is a nice opportunity to explore and demonstrate the powerful view and engagements for humanity in his globality that Open Dharma gave since 1999. This is also a chance to talk about the Open Centre and all the project around it and maybe get support from people touched by it."

And I conclude this newsletter on a beautiful report from Nanda-ji (below) on the Indian Sunday that she & many others organized in Holland about a month ago.  That evening was a great success!

Wishing you all the best,


From Nanda-ji:
"Slowly Holland is getting back in our house. Chapatis make place for potatoes and curry for gouda cheese.

This weekend the villa Sandwijck in De Bilt (near Utrecht) was totally India. We had a great Bodhi-tree in the middle of the living room, a holy cow sleeping in front of the entrance and tropical fruit juices and lassi were being sold. Every guest had to go through the strict Foreign Registration Office before getting their wanted visa and the professionally printed rupees by Remko. But then, they were in India! There was the market, lively decorated by Arline and massages given by Anke or Dieuwertje. Or the thali made by Walter, and chai by Ulrika. There were Hare Krishna’s singing, Sascha playing tabla, Sam playing with his magic balls and Benoit blessing people like a saddhu. Roos was lively introducing Open Dharma and about 50 people walked with Nanda in a long silent row through the autumn forest.

I really enjoyed this event. Although I have to admit there some stress the weeks before. But it was all worth it; many people came; in total there were about 150-200 people. And we raised about 1600 Euros for the Open Centre!

What was especially nice was the fact that we meet up this weekend with a bunch of people I normally only see during retreats or in India. It felt really good and grounding to be together in a different context. It felt like integrating the Dharma in my daily life. The distance between Holland and India literally disappeared.

I feel the Open Centre has a few more fine roots now, spread to a house in De Bilt, connecting friends from India, Belgium, Germany, Holland, housemates, parents, colleagues and new friends as a sanga without walls. I was really touched to see how many friends helped us out.

I realize Open Centre is not just a place. It is a direction. It is a way of living. Of coming together, and to be committed to let something beautiful flower. This party and all the other fundraising initiatives ARE the Open Centre. The temple we built is made of the gold in our hands."

Selected photos of the Indian Sunday:

All photos:

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