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Even after all this time

the sun never says to the earth,

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that—

It lights the whole world.

~Hafiz (translated by Daniel Ladinsky in Love Poems from God)

Hello dear friends,

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and even here in San Francisco (city of the fog) we are being happily energized and renewed by the power and love of the sun’s warmth!  The vision of the Open Centre continues to grow in this bright new season.  And it is serving us all along the way.

In this newsletter, Jaya introduces us to Cava Loca, a new home for Jaya, Gemma, and Gyan and a place for the people who will create the Open Centre to come and be nourished.  There is also still space in the Donkey Yatra that will begin in a couple of weeks.  If you or someone you know would like a taste (or another big gulp) of the spirit of the Open Centre this could be a perfect opportunity!  More info about this follows Jaya’s note.

Cava Loca

While we continue fundraising to buy a place with the facilities for the Open Centre vision, we are setting up our private home with some humble room for informal retreats for a few people.  Already it feels generous. People who come are blown away, or even moved to tears, by the silence, the wildflowers and birds, and the clarity of the air.

One person has already done 2 weeks of a 3-month retreat, and 5 others have come through with a joyful, working spirit.  We have lived through (and with) leaks and mud and flies and hail, and are happy. Our land is tiny, but there is a real sense of wilderness in the area.  A small, beautiful fox comes and snacks from our compost heap some evenings.  The previous owner thinks that there may only be one other person actually living on top of this holy mountain with us, although there are many villages and lots of rock-climbing and other nature tourism around the mountain.

We call the house Cava Loca after the valley where we and one other person live, along with many olives and birds and cliffs.

In the next few months, we may have space for 1-5 work retreatants. It is not an ideal situation, as everything is very basic.  Retreatants are in charge of their own food shopping, cooking, and cleaning. At this point, Cava Loca is appropriate for people with an independent and mature practice who love gardening, permaculture, digging, building, etc.  We are 3 kilometers from the nearest small village and do not have internet.

Cava Loca is inside the Montsant nature reserve and there are several lovely walks from the house.  There are some public transport links to the village 3 kms away, and we are linked to Reus, where there is a Ryanair airport.

We are offering Cava Loca work retreat spaces on a completely donation basis.

Meanwhile, Gyan is growing happily and is strong and beautiful.

We feel your support and generosity deeply in our hearts.  This being together, even at a distance, is real nourishment.  May you be truly well and joyous and free.

love, jaya

Donkey Yatra

There is also still space, including 3 scholarships, for the donkey yatra coming up in two weeks in France. There is a poster for the donkey yatra:  I would be so appreciative if anyone would like to print and post even 1 copy in your local alternative book/health food store or yoga studio...somewhere where people may be more likely to know English (or French).  If you post 5, or 15, great.  Thank you so much.  I will attach one flyer, and also just copy and paste the text to the bottom of this email, in case the attachments do not go through.

An Open Dharma hiking adventure into true nature

Donkey Yatra

21-28 June, 2008

Awakening & exploration of wilderness and the wild heart.

Come and walk with us in an intimate group and 8 donkeys on beautiful Mount Caroux, in the south of France.

With time for silence and communication, we will hike, cook, camp, learn about local ecology, and explore our own deep heart freedom.  In French and English, our temporary community will participate in an ongoing conversation of what helps us come alive.

Jaya Ashmore and Gemma Polo will offer teachings and facilitate Dharma conversations, both formally and informally, throughout the week.

Info and reservations: donkeyyatra(AT)yahoo.com http://www.opendharma.org

Thanks for all that you do!

With love,

Erika (and the newsletter team)


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