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Open Dharma Newsletter ~ December & January


~ December & January Newsletter

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In this newsletter

~ News
~ The Theme for Reflection, by Jaya
~ Letter from Gemma
~ Interesting Links
~ Photos
~ Retreat in Germany, by Dana
~ Upcoming Events
~ Rincón Latino


~ News


Jaya offers one-to-one meetings via Skype--many times available now after many weeks: sign up on opendharma.appointy.com 
10-15 minutes or 25-30 minutes both on a donation basis, with a suggested donation of 25-70 euros for the half-hour sessions. Please feel welcome no matter what your financial situation, and please consider giving a donation if you cancel 24 hours or less before an appointment.
Questions: interviews(@)opendharma.org

Interviews with Gemma
Gemma offers personal interviews via Skype or phone. If you wish for continuity, guidance, and company on your inner process, you can contact her at gemmaji(@)gmail.com to schedule a meeting.
Radio Dharma
Jaya will broadcast half-hour radio dharma talks on 27 December at 9am (Indian time, GMT+5.5) and on 27 January at noon (Indian time, GMT+5.5). blogtalkradio.com/opendharma.
You can call in live to ask questions or to share your experience.

Our Online Connection
~With the intention of honoring life’s flow, we are happy to announce that soon when entering opendharma.org you will find a way to get to Jaya’s or Gemma’s new web pages. ("With lots of joy, I invite you to enter my new home, which is also you home: gemmapolopujol.com," Gemma writes. Jaya's website will be up by the end of the year, if all goes well. jayaashmore.org.)

~Open Dharma’s site will remain active, and you will continue to see Gemma’s and Jaya’s upcoming events, as well as have access to all the resources that are on the web.
Soon, this newsletter will dissolve and you will receive two different newsletter; one from Jaya, and the other one from Gemma, with inspirations and proposals from each one.

~Dharmaloca, Open Dharma’s eco-hermitage located in the mountains of Montsant, Tarragona, Spain, will soon have a new website as well, and Gemma will continue being the coordinator of this paradise offered for self-retreats and small group retreats in deep connection to wild nature.

News from Gemma
Dear friends,
As some of you may know, a cyst have been growing attached to my uterus for the last 4 years, and now the time to remove it by surgery has come. I feel happy to embrace this process with peace, after having tried many alternative ways to approach it.
Sadly, I had to cancel all my retreats scheduled between December 2016 and March 2017 to prepare for the operation and to recover properly. I ask your forgiveness if you were planning on coming to any of my cancelled retreats, and I wish to see you as soon as I recover in any of my upcoming events.
As I have known some of you for a number of years, I’m honored to feel you as friends, and it is from this place of friendship that I dare to ask you to consider supporting me during these months, in which I won’t be able to offer retreats and yet, I will keep on having the regular basic expenses of life in the west with a 6 year old daughter. 
I do believe that what I offer moves beyond time and space, and that what nourished you someday, might still be alive within you. If you felt inspired by being in my retreats, and this inspiration is still true for you today, then you might be happy to support me.
Thanks for giving with joy!
Click for Gemma's PayPal portal
Or click here for bank transfer

In Tiruvannamali this January...
Due to changes in the schedule, Jaya will be teaching all 3 retreats in Tiru, with Odelia joining her on the 1st 2 retreats. 



~ The Theme for Reflection

On retreat sometimes people ask to hear "my story," how it has been and how it is for me on my path and with my teachers. 
I often shy away from these questions--and for good reason, as my experience is very intimate rather than very public--but I feel like sharing a few things among friends. 
I am tired of the increasingly dissonant and distant way we seem to communicate in so many public forums. I am writing here publicly but personally--not from a distance so we have to shout. Like over chai.

First of all, I remember a Women's Retreat at Insight Meditation Society in the US in 1988. I was entering a period of peak intensity in my life, as early trauma began to surface through practice, and I had expected a tortuous retreat. Instead, I had 5 days of streaming peace. On the 5th evening, however, the teachers responded to this very question--what is your story? And after listening, I crashed and burned in feelings of inadequacy. (...so please don't do that!)
 Not that they had been through particularly amazing experiences--no levitation nor visions--but a wound got touched in me  anyway. Inferiority, feeling forever kicked out of the real world of competent people. 

I happened to have a one-to-one meeting with one of the teachers the next day, and instead of just telling me to "be present and watch the sensations" she acknowledged: "This healing takes a long time." That was very helpful. Not escaping into here and now. Not using the here and now to escape.

A couple years later (after getting through that fiery healing period and finishing college at the same time), at the end of a 20-day retreat in Bodh Gaya, I realized it had been important to have a woman, Sharda Rogell, on the team of 4 teachers. Despite my ardent feminism, I had somehow absorbed the Buddhist idea that women cannot be enlightened. When I thanked Sharda for helping me know that women can be enlightened, she wisely responded: "I am glad I could represent that for you."

My mind had not yet freed itself from the assumption that anyone who is a teacher is enlightened. Her skillful response left that door open.

I no longer assume every teacher is enlightened. I no longer assume that everyone on the path is kind or generous. I no longer assume that being enlightened puts someone beyond the messiness of life.

Over these last 30 years, I have had the great good luck of receiving teachings--powerful, exquisite, subtle, formal, spontaneous, charged, excruciating, ethereal, down to earth, beyond me.
I feel most special gratitude for the teachings of example--and I am happily and humbly aware of how large those examples still ask me to grow in spirit. 

At the same time, every single teacher in my life has done things I don't like.
Sometimes it was a "Zen slap" that I came to appreciate later. Other times I am still left bewildered or angry.

One of my favorite all-time modern Dharma teachers is Chogyam Trungpa, whom I have only met through books and a video. Like all of my main teachers, Trungpa understood that a teacher's job is not to make things neat and easy. Trungpa's most famous student, the beloved teacher, Pema Chodron, remembers: "If things got too smooth, he'd create chaos."
That sounds familiar.

I often say I am glad I never met Trungpa in person--not because I am against what we called "stirring the pot" around Poonjaji--but because his provocation, his "job as a spiritual friend to insult the student," included sex, even before he stopped being a monk, even though he or his students were married. When he slid his hand up Tenzin Palmo's leg during a meeting, she struck his foot hard with her spike heel--not because she was against casual sex, but because he was a monk.

I know I personally did not have that power of self-defense, and would have likely just frozen to the spot and felt awful. That is an experience I would not wish on anyone.
I am not sure that many men, unless they have been sexually abused, can really understand or take this seriously, without going so far that they lose sight of the actual, real, messy contradictory situation.

I want us to grow a collective spiritual environment where we don't fall into easy age-old traps.
Teachers and students--we all have so much to learn, and it would be so easy just to give up, because it is complex and hard to keep true to our own emerging, original ways.

I want to let you know that, in my experience, something strange is possible, and happens, and is even obvious: I really don't like some of the things that my favorite people on earth have done. 
Not liking and also loving. Both are possible at once.

Pema Chodron talks about wishing to improve her devotion. While I do feel devotion, I cannot say I assume that some of my favorite people, my teachers, have always done the very best things possible. Every one of my teachers has been involved with women in ways that are questionable or worse--from the systemic gender repression in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to sexual relations with students. Some of my teachers have been grilled or punished, some not.

I think they have made mistakes. 

I think life is full of mistakes.
As a mother, I finally realized this, thank goodness. So difficult to bear and so freeing.
When my kids were small, every day, other people would think I or my child should be different. I would sometimes think I or my child should be different. If only I were more strict, or more gentle, or better prepared, or more something, my child would be less wild. Would stop crying when hungry or tired, would stop waking up in the middle of the night. 

But at the same time, being a mother is this invitation to finally love 100%, and that is different from every other relationship I had known. Just like I had not realized my cells held the belief that women cannot be enlightened, I had not realized I had been holding back love.

Everyone else gives up on a crying child, or an angry child, a child who does not "behave," a child who gets in the way of what we adults want.

But as a mother, there is no giving up.
I was and am allowed to love. And that loving uncovered this fact: we don't need to earn love by being "good" or "right."
No one needs to earn it--if you earn it, it isn't love. If you get it by being "good" and "right," then it isn't love. It is approval. It is agreement. Perhaps conformity, or obedience. Losing originality.
And then I had to notice further that "good and right" is undercover violence against love. And against life.

Chodron: "I consider it my good fortune that somehow I was thrown into a way of understanding Buddhism which in the Zen tradition is called "don't know mind": Don't know. Don't know right. Don't know wrong. As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to make things right and wrong you can never even talk about fulfilling your bodhisattva vows. …
The bodhisattva vow has something to do with going cold turkey, naked, without any clothes on into whatever situation presents itself to you... Seeing all of that just increases your compassion for the human situation. We're all up against not finding ourselves perfect, and still wanting to be open and be there for others."

As a mother, I can and do try to bring out--or help my children bring out--their gifts. This birthing of gifts takes more deep digging into our resources--theirs and mine--and more patience and trust in life than referring to a rule book. There is no cultural support for this digging and bringing forth. But it is the important work. I love how the Gospel of Thomas says, "If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you."

And then, just as with family, there is the need to grow up. I love how Tsultrim Allione grew up with her teacher. He questioned her focus on honoring the feminine within the Tibetan tantric tradition--he called her focus dualistic, and said she could not continue a teacher training that she was in the middle of, where she was the senior student. She knew her work was to honor the feminine so that there would be a balance and harmony in a masculine-dominated environment. She stayed true to her calling, and eventually the teacher saw for himself the fruits of her work. Her Tara Mandala center flourished once Allione was centered more in her own "seat," and her teacher also started coming to teach in her center.

My connections with my teachers accompany me through these life passages of giving birth and growing up. The connections with my teachers do not abandon me when I go off track or branch out, when I disagree and when I grow up.
They give me a feeling of family: there is no escape. 
I cannot and don't just switch to a better model when I have a disagreement or disappointment.
It is not a consumer system. It is living.

You see how personal this is. I am not telling you what to do. This is how it is for me, so far.
I go everywhere and my teachers are here with me, right inside my space. There are nuances in, but no fundamental difference between, being near or far from them, between before and after their death: they are with me.
It is as deep as it sounds, and completely ordinary and livable.
It might sound claustrophobic, but it isn't.
It can create jealousy in others who want to be the "only one," but there is plenty of room.
Someone else might find they have only one teacher; I find several in me.
One is still alive but I haven't seen him since 1991. One of them was an army man and miner, and another told me right away he was not trustworthy. None of them is that cool, feminist woman I had hoped to meet. I would not want to be responsible for what happens to anyone else who meets them or any other teacher. It is too messy, unpredictable, unglamourous, and personal. It is not just cute messy. Things can actually go wrong.

What I hope you can hear is that you can keep on going, fully, anyway--not just in your 20s, not just when you are between relationships or jobs, not just when you feel like it--even  though it is confusing and heart-breaking. Please don't give up because you can't get it "right." Spontaneous, fresh, live teachings have made all the difference in my life, even when I don't know, I still don't know, what is right or wrong. I am learning to stay in the conversation, to stay true, to grow up, to give birth, to allow my path to be far, far more wonderful and ordinary than I could have ever imagined.




by Jaya

(Photo: Arunachala by Jaya)
~Letter from Gemma

True to my calling, or the song of living on donation
I bow before life's generosity, for its abundance is expressing itself continuously in all directions. Sometimes its way is not what I had planned or what I was expecting, but it always has its own majesty, and brings what is for me to embrace. I feel drawn to be open and connected to my calling above and beyond any calculation. And I'm grateful to say that against all prognostics, I haven't lacked anything over these 15 years of living on donations. Furthermore, everything seems to arrive at the right time and every amount seems to be the perfect one. Of course, after all these years I have had moments for every kind of feeling, including getting upset with some people’s ability to continuously take and never offer back, or being amused at the proof that being richer doesn’t necessarily mean being more generous, or moments of wishing to know what I would have at the end of the month, or being overwhelmed by some people’s great generosity…But all the way through, I have enjoyed the magic of money coming from different directions and the mystery of receiving from some people and in moments I would had never imagined. Money, as life, has its ways…

I once heard that Gandhi said: "truth can never be in business" and the more I let this sentence in, the more I feel its true. Especially for us, people committed to a spiritual path and who offer ourselves for guidance and support, it is crucial to keep checking in to find truth.
It is essential to find our motivation moment by moment, and to move from that true origin, from the burning flame, from the place in which we know our actions are the only actions possible. That which we are made to do, that which is alive in us and wants to give freely, simply for the beauty of sharing, as flowers spreading their essence to the air, and their colors to the eyes that want to be nourished.

One may earn money by sharing one's true heart, and when this happens, a beautiful song is created, but my friends; this cannot be pushed nor provoked. Our "business" is to keep our eyes on our heart, and not to turn our motivation to the potential profits that one could make. Business, by definition, points to make profit, and this is not a problem in itself, and is not dishonest by default. But truth can only point to truth, and any other motivation would dissolve its power.

To live true to our calling means to give ourselves to it, it means diving in and fishing from the source that is alive within us and beyond us; and sing the song that wants to be sang.
Life’s ways of expressing its gratitude for having dared to do what we have to do is not our business. To calculate how much our offerings are worth is a terrain that does not belong to a heart on fire for love. We can be open to being supported and to receiving people’s true expressions of gratitude, and it may happen that what we receive covers our expenses and allows us to keep doing what we love to do, but this belongs to the magic of life and does not have to do with any calculation.

This is my deepest joy: to keep insanely true to the Heart of all things, to walk against gravity, to dance life.

by Gemma
(Photo by Sophie Style)

~Interesting Links

~Here is a link to an essay by Tara Brach, titled "Facing My White Privilege." Jaya writes, "This is the community I want to belong to."

~Two articles on Leonard Cohen, who died last month, stand out among the rest. This BBC article details Cohen's time in India, and this remembrance in the New York Times was written by a fellow Zen monk.


Images from the recent retreat in Finland...and the Spiral Woman workshop/Taller Mujer Espiral with Gemma....


Retreat in Germany

Dana writes of this November's retreat with Gemma in Germany, now in its third year.

"This year we had moved to a new place in a different area of Germany for our gathering in silence. Finkenwerder Hof is a retreat centre halfway between Hamburg and Berlin and surrounded by fields and lakes in nature.

The place really supports being in silence and also the time of the year is perfect for a retreat, since its quite natural to become more quiet and drawn inside.

We were altogether 19 people stretched out and resting in the cosy meditation hall, where we spent most of the time together, and we also went on morning walks almost every day.

For me it was most amazing to feel the power and support in our meeting in silence.

A few people could only join for the weekend, but were really glad about these two days and how they had made a difference.

A highlight during the retreat was the meditation with singing bowls and steel drum, that Gemma offered one afternoon. Another highlight was the first snow this autumn.

Supported by nature, our being together and the excellent and down to earth guidance of Gemma, our group parted full of gratitude, with appreciation and acknowledgement of the gifts each of us had received."

~ Upcoming Retreat Dates & Details

31 December - 5 January, 2017. 
Retreat in Anantha Niketan ashram, Tiruvannamalai, South India.

Entering the new year: meditation through joy and deep rest.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore
For information and registration, write to:

5 - 12 January, 2017. 
Retreat in Anantha Niketan ashram, Tiruvannamalai, South India.

Meditation and yoga.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore and OdeliaWeinberg Peri
For information and registration, write to:

13 -20 January, 2017. 
Retreat in Anantha Niketan ashram, Tiruvannamalai, South India.

Meditation through heart connection and genuine inquiry. 
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore
For information and registration, write to:

25-30 March, 2017. 
Deep rest and heart connection at The Barn Retreat, Devon, UK.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Gemma Polo
For information and registration, click here.

28 March - 4 April, & 4-11 April, 2017. 
Silent meditation retreats through joy and deep rest in Sattal, North India.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore
For information and registration, write to:

21-23 April, 2017. 
Women's retreat in De Kluut tipi island, Holland.
Exploring the power of our wombs and the beauty of our cycles through silence, group sharing, deep rest, guided dynamics, connected movement, sound and personal guidance.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:

13-19 May, 2017. 
Deep rest, meditation, and connected trekking retreat in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Huesca, Spain.
Silence, spectacular beauty, yoga, meditative singing, and sweet and inspiring guidance.
Teachings will be in Spanish and English if needed.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
Daniel Benito will be facilitating the connected trekking and yoga.
For information and registration, write to:
info(@)casacuadrau.org and check out casacuadrau.org

19-21 May, 2017. 
Women's retreat in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido, Huesca, Spain.
Exploring the power of our wombs and the beauty of our cycles through silence, group sharing, deep rest, guided dynamics, connected movement, sound and personal guidance.
Teachings will be in Spanish and English if needed.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:
info(@)casacuadrau.org and check out casacuadrau.org

26 - 28 May, and 28 May - 3 June, 2017. 
Silent meditation retreat in Ein Dor, Isreal.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore and OdeliaWeinberg Peri.
Registration opens closer to the time of the retreat

9 - 14 June, 2017. 
Silent retreat: meditation through deep rest, Quebec, Canada.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore
For information and registration, write to:

23-25 June, 2017.
Non-residential silent retreat: meditation through deep rest, Durham, North Carolina, USA.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore
For information and registration, write to:

22-28 July, 2017. 
Deep rest meditation in Ter Apel, Holland.
Diving into our deepest heart, and beyond.
Teachings will be in English
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
Nanda Hunneman and Dieuwertje Stegman will be co-facilitating.
For information and registration, write to:

29 July - 1 August, 2017. 
Family Retreat in Ter Apel, Holland.
Learning, playing, exploring, and deepening together with our kids. 
Facilitators: Gemma Polo, Nanda Hunneman and Dieuwertje Stegman and a child oriented expert.
For information and registration, write to:

13-15 October, 2017.
Meditation with horses retreat at Dharmaloca, Catalonia, Spain.

Letting the horses whisper our true nature.
Teachings will be in English and Spanish if needed.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:


For more information about retreats organized by our sister organizations visit www.SanghaCalendar.org

~ Welcome to Everyone

We would love to share your inspiration in an upcoming newsletter. Photos! Poems! Drawings! Musings! Reflections on a recent--or not so recent--retreat! (You can even tell us that you'd like to contribute anonymously.) Please feel free to send any contributions  to: newsletter (at) opencentre.es

Rincón Latino

En esta newsletter
~ Noticias
~ Reflexión por Gemma
~ Próximos eventos


Queridos amig@s
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La página de Open Dharma seguirá activa con todos los eventos que Jaya y Gemma van ofreciendo y con todos los recursos que se encuentran allí, pero esta newsletter se deshará en un tiempo y recibirás las nuevas newsletters de Jaya y de Gemma por separado, con inspiraciones y propuestas de cada una.
¡Con mucha ilusión os invito a entrar a mi nuevo hogar, que es tu hogar!
Dharmaloca tendrá también página nueva en breve y Gemma seguirá siendo la coordinadora de este paraíso ofrecido para retiros personales y retiros en grupos pequeños en el corazón del Montsant, Tarragona.

Entrevistas Personales
Gemma ofrece entrevistas personales a través de donaciones vía Skype o teléfono. Si deseas concretar día y hora manda un email a gemmaji(@)gmail.com

~Reflexión por Gemma

En tus ojos, vi mis ojos
Te vi andando en medio de la carretera, arrastrando un carrito viejo con tus posesiones. Tus ojos eran los ojos de un loco, andabas sucio, despeinado, arrastrando tu vida contigo.
Me pregunté ¿que te habría pasado, en que encrucijada de la vida te habrías cansado de aparentar y habrías explotado, cuál fue la situación que te catapultó fuera del sistema y te convirtió en un don nadie, en un irrecuperable, en un perdido?
Se me escapó un suspiro… ¡Qué mundo tan raro que hemos creado! qué lugar tan centrado en la individualidad y en una forma tan concreta de medir el éxito y el fracaso! En tus ojos, vi mis ojos… en tu locura siento mi locura, esta incapacidad radical de pertenecer a la mentira del ir y venir, a la rueda de inventar necesidades para consumir, a la vida lejos de la tierra, el agua, el cielo… En realidad, secretamente sé que el hecho de estar conduciendo mi coche y tener una vida más o menos normal, no se debe a mi mérito ni a mi capacidad de mantenerme en el lado aceptado de las cosas, sino a la gracia pura, al capricho, a la suerte. Si por mi mente fuera, hubiera tirado ya la toalla miles de veces inmersa en un sin sentido inesquivable y obvio. Y la verdad, no sé cómo lo hace el corazón para seguir bailando…Me fascina este misterio, el misterio de percibir la luz en la oscuridad, el misterio de ser llevada aún sin entender.
Saberse loco en este mundo es quizás la realidad más cuerda que pueda existir, saberse sensible a lo que nos rodea y no hundirse, es un arte que nos sobrepasa, es un milagro al que le debo todo lo que me regala la vida.

por Gemma
(Photo: Dharmaloca por Sophie Style)

Próximos Eventos

(Aquí listamos solo los que se harán en castellano y/o catalán)

13-19 mayo, 2017.
Retiro de profundo descanso, meditación y senderismo conectado en el Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido, Huesca, España.

Silencio, belleza espectacular, yoga, canto meditativo y dulce acompañamiento e inspiración.
Las enseñanzas se darán en Castellano y en Inglés si es necesario.
Facilitadora: Gemma Polo.
Daniel Benito facilitará el senderismo conectado y las sesiones de yoga.
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:
info(@)casacuadrau.org, casacuadrau.org

19-21 mayo, 2017.
Profundizando entre mujeres, retiro en casa Cuadrau, Pirineos de Huesca, España.

Adentrarnos, compartir, descansar, empaparnos de naturaleza...un retiro para gozar en tribu.
Las enseñanzas se darán en castellano y en inglés si es necesario.
Facilitadora: Gemma Polo
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:
 info(@)casacuadrau.org, casacuadrau.org

8-11 Junio, 2017.
Corazón salvaje en Dharmaloca, Tarragona, España.

El poder sanador del compartir en circulo, la escucha profunda y la naturaleza.
Compartiremos en castellano e inglés.
Facilitadoras: Gemma Polo y Sophia Style, creadora de “Mujer Cíclica”.
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:

28 setiembre- 1 octubre, 2017
Mujer Espiral, retiro de 4 días en Menorca, España.
El arte de adentrarte, nutrirte y expandirte
Compartiremos en castellano o catalán.
Facilitadoras: Gemma Polo y Sophia Style, creadora de “Mujer Cíclica”.
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:

13-15 Octubre, 2017.
Retiro de meditación con caballos en Dharmaloca, Tarragona, España.

clic aquí para mas información sobre el sitio y como llegar hasta allí
Las enseñanzas se darán en inglés y en castellano si es necesario.
Facilitadora: Gemma Polo.
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:

Bienvenidos a todos!
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