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Open Dharma Newsletter, April + May 2015


~ April & May Newsletter

(Para  ir a la versión castellano desplázate al Rincón Latino situado al final de la página.)

(Photo by Jaya.)

In this newsletter

~ News
~ Theme for Exploration, by Jaya
~ Sharing Links
~ On the Online Retreat
~ Getting Ready for the Dutch Retreat, by Nanda
~ Upcoming Events
~ Rincón Latino


~ News

US Dana Flow
To make donations in US dollars to Open Dharma, please welcome our US Open Dharma PayPal address:

If you are a US taxpayer and want to make a tax deductible gift to Open Dharma, PLEASE make sure you give your donation to Open Dharma in the US. We are 2 separate organizations in the US and Spain, with separate accounts.

You can donate in US or Canadian dollars by check or bank transfer, or via PayPal: donationsUSA(@)opendharma.org 

Sharing Your Skills
Anyone want to offer a different kind of gift?
We often need help with designing or sharing posters.
If you are good at graphic design and would like to help us out, please let us know!
You can write directly to Jaya(@)opendharma.org
It is also an act of generosity to many if you share our posters, via email, by printing and posting. 
If you would like to let others know about the retreats you love, please let us know! Also write to Jaya if you would like to share retreat information.

Delhi Airport Awareness
There is a new flood of scams cheating people arriving in Delhi or other airports, telling them that where they want to go is blocked off for a puja or strike, and taking them to another hotel or on a long extensive taxi ride out of Delhi. 

Retreat in the Dordogne, France, this June
One more chance this June to rest, meditate, go deep, and transform with Jaya, as well as to swim, walk, be surrounded by green, eat delicious local food, and be well taken care of by the wonderful team at Le Moulin in the Dordogne of France.
8 - 13 June: mail(@)moulindechaves.org

And please share our poster --found here-- for this retreat by emailing and by printing and posting.

Retreat in South Downs, England, this June
The Diving into Meditation retreat with Gemma will take place 24 - 28 June on the South Downs. For more information, write to info(@)retreattogayles.co.uk and please share our poster--found here--by emailing, printing and posting.

Changes in North Carolina, USA, in August: 7­-day retreat with Jaya near Durham
A week­long open invitation to rest deeply into our true nature. Silent deep rest meditation retreat with teachings of awakening, individualized guidance, and meditations beyond the mind.

This year we are not able to offer the weekend retreat before this week­long open invitation to rest deeply into our true nature.

Totnes in September
The September retreat with Jaya in Totnes, England, has only a few places left. totnes(@)opendharma.org

Tiruvannamalai & Sattal Retreats 2016
The Tiruvannamalai retreats are scheduled for 1-8 and 8-15 January, when Odelia Weinberg Peri is invited to teach with Jaya.

The Sattal retreats in 2016 will take place in late March and during the first half of April. Maybe with 3 week-long retreats!


Jaya will offer one-to-one meetings via Skype or phone during April & May through opendharma.appointy.com.

The 10-15 minute interviews are offered on a completely donation basis, and 25-30 minute interviews are offered on a donation basis with a suggested sliding scale of 25-50 Euros. But we intend not to turn anyone away because of financial lack. If you have questions or would like to arrange another time not available through the appointy site, please contact Jessica at interviews(@)opendharma.org

Gemma offers personal interviews though Skype on donation basis. If you wish to have an interview please contact Gemma at gemmaji(@)gmail.com
Radio Dharma
Jaya will broadcast for half an hour on 29 April at 12 noon and 15 May at 3:30 pm (both Spanish time, GMT+1) on blogtalkradio.com/opendharma.
You can call in live to ask questions or share your experience.
Jaya also welcomes suggestions for themes, or requests for guided meditations. 

Taking Care
Dharmaloca will be ready for a new caretaker in June. Here is what Jaya says about it:

I would especially love to welcome someone for a longer stretch of time, like 6 months to a year, so that you also have the chance to fall completely in love with the place--the land, creatures, and spirit of the place. So that when you leave the spirit of the place lives inside you and goes with you.

Dharma-loca has a double meaning. Loca in Castellano means 'crazy' and in Sanskrit means 'realm, world or dimension.' A way of living where old patterns and pain do not need to limit the flow of aliveness. We can give up thinking that used to make sense according to past pain--self-hatred, comparing, etc. And we can allow spontaneous love of life to free us.
Dharma, in fact, has many meanings, but I aim for the Dharma that is the invisible love inspiring and sustaining all from inside, from the background. Giving naturally without asking for attention.

Dharmaloca is a place where living simply in nature is not an abstract ideal for some unknown future, but a rocky, fresh, weedy, starry, living place that has already been around for 7 years now! And there is often a lovely, and subtly powerful way that the outer work to sustain the place coincides with inner seasons and needs, inner release and growth.

I have noticed that when someone has had the chance to stay longer here--especially with 6 months or more--an imperceptible transformation has often happened.
After a while, I notice a ripening with specific qualities. An inner and outer sustainable, sustaining way of being. A confidence from the earth up. A non-aggressive, earthy empowerment that does not put itself against others, but simply rises self-sustaining. Rigidity softening to reveal authentic and therefore astounding strength. A willingness to flow. A burning or dancing away of old pain and ill-fitting clothing that has kept us back from our own lives. A “you belong, we belong.”

In contrast to less sustainable lifestyles, where we try to find time for our practice, or leave the world to find the truth, in Dharmaloca a sustaining force and space can come alive inside and outside, as a "real life" that nourishes and is nourished in harmony with aliveness.

We have space for one caretaker at Dharmaloca, our eco-hermitage in Catalonia, Spain, from June onwards. We usually ask for a commitment of 3 to 6 months, but welcome a stay of up to a year. The caretaker lives, works, and apprentices at Dharmaloca--participating in Open Dharma intimately, and helping with the permaculture garden and facilities, welcoming guests, keeping an eye on the trees and horses, and other essential work depending on your abilities and the needs of the time and place. Sometimes the caretaker is glad to take care of the cost of her or his own food, and other times Dharmaloca provides the food. You have time for your own practice, and much solitude in winter and the middle of summer.
For more information: dharmalocaretreat(@)opendharma.org

Self-Retreat at Dharmaloca
You are welcome for self-retreats at Dharmaloca!
This year our arrival and departure days are Thursday afternoons, 14 May - 15 October.
Retreatants must have joined at least one previous retreat with Jaya or Gemma, and please note that during summer personal guidance may not be possible continuously.
For more information: dharmalocaretreat(@)opendharma.org

~ The Theme for Exploration

~ Nothing in the Way

At the Delhi airport last week, I sat blurry with fatigue, and nursed a latte during the dark first hours of the day. A child of perhaps 4 held on to a woman's kamiz. The small face twisted, tears glimmering. I just happened to catch the child's eye, then I  tilted my head out of view behind the woman.
Instead of a crying scene, we had a smile, and a game.  

Good old peek-a-boo, hide-and-seek fun. The woman's worn face stayed focused on ordering, far above the child world.  The game lasted a few rounds, in and out of sight, smiling with our eyes.  Then the woman stepped away with her coffee.  Our hiding place gone.  

To meet in the open was too much. The child and I went back into ourselves, into our spheres of airport space. The game ended, though the smile in each of us lasted.

Sometimes we need something in between. 
In between us and the meeting, between us and the love or the vastness.  
Something in between can demonstrate how big life is. 
The sun and moon look huge as they rise and set, with the horizon of trees or buildings or mountains giving us something familiar to compare them to. Up at midheaven, sun and moon seem smaller and easier to ignore.

Just so the "small mind" can actually help us realize how vast the "big mind" is.
We can look into the twists and drama of daily life to catch the eye of life. And just let the smile come upon us.

We try our best to have experiences that will bring us closer to vastness. We go to teachers who "have it" and can "do it," to us, or for us. And sometimes a teacher can meet us through our twists and pain, and let a smile come up.

We talk about enlightenment, though we know words cannot reach it. We read about cessation, relief, or Gautam's "sure heart's release." Can we leave room for the smile that comes up in our cells, like dew on grass in the cool morning?

The words and the search sometimes help us know that this unknown and unknowable enlightenment thing is way bigger than any of our familiar concepts, though always within even our most ordinary experience.  So close as to be unfamiliar. If we don't give up too soon, then words can help us not to settle for a pretense or watered-down version of awakening.  

The hardest job for us as human beings: do not settle for what you already know. Do not give up on the potential within the humble state of not knowing, and not demanding to know.  
Do not give up just because we only catch a glimpse or a whiff of the mystery.
Give room to the glimpses that bring a smile. The unexpected meeting in life, with life, that interrupts our hurry to get there.

It is possible.  It is not easy.  Or, as one Tibetan teaching says, it is too easy. And too close. Too profound and too wonderful. That is what they say.

It is true that the path is conditioned, not unconditioned, as the Buddhist nun Dhammadinnaa says. The path is those conditions that help bring out and grow our natural potential to wake up. These are things we do on purpose and regularly and devotedly; also things that happen unexpectedly that we find a way to flow and grow with. Interruptions in our serious trip towards enlightenment.

But the conditioned path, at some point, gradually or suddenly, dissolves us into unconditioned freedom. 

At some point, we can let ourselves love what we love.
At some point, we can--we are allowed to--let hiding stop, but let meeting continue.
At some point, we can let go of trying to get closer, and fall in very very close, into our own brightness and sensitivity. Our ordinary, brave, openness and power.  

Around many great teachers have tangled and twisted many big scenes. Just so inside ourselves.  
In our own experience, all around what is important, twist many knots of arrogance, shame, pressure, hiding, pretense, competition, and so on. Knotty dramas based on a belief in "not enough." It is important to notice these dramas, and say, clearly and decisively, "I see you."  I love some of the Buddhist stories where people have caught sight of mara--the dead, the deadening, the destructive--and have said, "I see you."

But then, they also said to mara, "You cannot touch me, not only because I caught you, but because there is nothing that is me or mine."
We can also see through the twisted. We can see through the twist to the aliveness and allow a meeting in the open. Aliveness with aliveness.

Not taking even our deepest patterns personally allows space for our exquisite love of what is important.
When we meet a teacher that supports us to fall into our own vastness, even if there is a "scene," we meet anyway, before or through the drama. Just so inside ourselves. We can spot a scene about to happen, and catch an eye, play an old, simple game. I see you. I see you in a way that lets I and you be secondary.

by Jaya

(Photo by Jaya.)

Sharing Links

~Here is a list of useful websites about different modalities that support meditation and the spiritual path. If you feel to contribute to the list, please email newsletter(@)opencentre.es

Body Mind Centering & Embodied Anatomy with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Nonviolent communication and here

Byron Katie's questions

Somatic Experiencing 

Shai Orr on parenting

Jin Shin Jyutsu info and news

~Here is Claudia's article about the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas, USA, and Non-Doing. "Where else can we find similar spaces of non-doing in our daily lives?" she asks. "A quiet corner, a pew in our home religious institution or underneath a favorite tree? It doesn't matter where we find it, only that we do."

(Photo by Jaya)

~ On the Online Retreat

Here are some reflections from those who participated on the first online retreat through ODStream with Jaya in February. 

"Thank you, it was really fruitful! Very happy about this new form, and looking forward to more of this." Anna, Finland

"Thanks so much for this opportunity. I spent the past few days alone and in silence at a friend's beautiful space by the sea. As always quite the rollercoaster ride of struggle and beauty...very happy to have spent this time and been part of this new format." Ronan, Ireland

"This streaming retreat at home has just been a wonderful coincidence-gift just at the right time ! So much gratitude." Carine, France

"I felt quite moved by the whole experience, unexpectedly. Once my initial excitement died down, of actually receiving it--it all working etc, I settled into 3 very different days of meditation/rest and exploration... ...I'd made plans to have house to self --daughter injured foot, half term, lively son and ex husband here looking after them!! Not as planned but helped me practice among it all -- and know you're all in my home -- quite something." Carolyn, England

 "I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share and practice the dharma. I am a currently struggling with lower back problems and it prevents me from traveling and participating especially in retreats . It is somewhat different experience, with some advantages. " David, Israel

"There is something in the safety of not being seen, that has really worked for me. particularly in the movement sessions. something sweet about the invitation to grow up in the being the only one that knows how i am practicing." Lisa, New Zealand

"I was really curious how an online retreat would be like, so I wanted to find out. Really I was surprised about the feeling of connection just like in a normal retreat. For me not having to travel to be in a retreat  with other people and friends felt really good and easy."
Dana, Germany

(Photos: Jaya during the online retreat.)


~Getting Ready for the Dutch Retreat

The 7th annual Dutch retreat will take place 11 - 18July. This is a part of the blog 'Meditating on the clay' which Nanda wrote about the retreat.

"After a long day of driving through the country we arrived in the Westerweelde, Ter Apel. We met the owners, the friendly Karin and Rens. No, they never had a silent retreat on their grounds, but well, why not? The place was spacious, silent, with a lot of camping possibilities, surrounded by forest, windmills, and canals. And we could cook for ourselves! That was something we really wanted--as a way to really organize it with our own team and to keep it cheap. 

The old attic was filled with benches and tables, a television and a ping-pong table, and football table -- but well, if we took them out, we could meditate there. We counted the hall with steps. Yes, 35 people would fit here. We liked that it was not 'a spiritual place' - with no statues, no traditional meditation hall. During the retreat it would be easier for participants to find a new, fresh way to meditate. The place felt open.

Now, after so many years, Karin and Rens make the place ready for us when we come. By now they know how we like it. We have our 'own' organic local farmer and an organic seller -- who delivers all that we need once a year to this isolated place. And of course we have our very commited Open Dharma Holland team. That changes every year, but it still has a stable core. The retreat has rooted in the clay. And every year I experience again and again how people can land in these arms of clay -- in the arms of our team -- of Open Dharma, mainly in the rooted earthy silence here."

(Photos by Nanda.)

~ Upcoming Retreat Dates & Details

20 May, 2015.
Dharma evening in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Offered completely on a donation basis.
Teachings will be in English with translation to Hebrew where needed.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

21 - 23 May, 2015.
Silent deep rest meditation weekend at Ein-Dor near Mount Tabor, Israel.

Offered completely on a donation basis.
Teachings will be in English with translation to Hebrew where needed.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
Sandya will assist with the teachings.
For information and registration, write to:

24 - 30 May, 2015.
Silent deep rest meditation week-long retreat at Ein-Dor near Mount Tabor , Israel.

Offered completely on a donation basis.
Teachings will be in English with translation to Hebrew where needed.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
Odelia will assist with the teachings.
For information and registration, write to:

8 - 13 June, 2015.
Deep rest and meditation retreat at Le Moulin, France.

Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

24 - 28 June, 2015.
Diving into meditation retreat in Eastbourne, UK.

Deep rest, silence and genuine inquiry.
Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:

11 - 18 July, 2015.
Deep rest and meditation retreat near Ter Apel, Holland.

Silence, nature, personal guidance, connected movement and meditative singing.
Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:

2 - 9 August, 2015
Silent deep rest meditation retreat near Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

14 - 21 August, 2015
Silent deep rest meditation retreat in Quebec, Canada.

Offered completely on a donation basis.
Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

4 - 9 September, 2015
True connection and meditation retreat in the Velebit Nature Park of Croatia.
Silence, nature, personal guidance, connected movement and meditative singing.
Teachings will be in English with transtalion to Croatian if needed.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:

21 - 28 September, 2015
Silent deep rest meditation retreat at Sharpham in Totnes, Devon, UK. 
Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

16 - 18 October, 2015.
Meditation with horses retreat at Dharmaloca, Catalonia, Spain.
Letting the horses whisper our true nature.

click here for information about the place and how to get there
Teachings will be in English and Spanish if needed.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:

24 October - 3 November, 2015.
Retreats and dharma talks in Australia.

Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Jaya Ashmore.
For information and registration, write to:

November, 2015.
Meditation retreat in Germany.

Meditation through silence, deep rest, yoga, genuine inquiry and heart connection.
Teachings will be in English.
Facilitator: Gemma Polo.
For information and registration, write to:


For more information about retreats organized by our sister organizations visit www.SanghaCalendar.org

~ Welcome to Everyone

We would love to share your inspiration in an upcoming newsletter. Photos! Poems! Drawings! Musings! Reflections on a recent--or not so recent--retreat! (You can even tell us that you'd like to contribute anonymously.) Please feel free to send any contributions  to: newsletter (at) opencentre.es

Rincón Latino

En esta newsletter
~ Noticias
~ Reflexión por Gemma
~ ¿Dónde están las monedas? por Hedy

~ Próximos eventos


Si te apetece ayudarnos a pasar la información de nuestros eventos, por favor mándanos un email a opendharma(@)gmail.com y te mandaremos algunos posters en PDF para que los puedas reenviar a tus contactos o colgar en tu barrio. Gracias!

Entrevistas Personales
Gemma ofrece entrevistas personales a través de donaciones vía Skype o teléfono. Si deseas concretar día y hora manda un email a gemmaji(@)gmail.com

Cuidador de Dharmaloca
Hay una plaza libre para hacer de cuidador o cuidadora de Dharmaloca empezando en junio, lo ideal sería comprometerse un mínimo de 3 meses. Se trata del privilegio de hacer una experiencia de conocerse a uno mismo en contacto con la naturaleza y haciendo unas horas de trabajo de manutención del eco-eremitorio a cambio de la estancia y la comida.  Ahora también abrimos la posibilidad de que esta posición de cuidador sea de uno a tres años y se convierta así en una posibilidad de adentrarse aun más. Para más información: dharmalocaretreat(@)opendharma.org

¡Bienvenidos para retiros personales en Dharmaloca!
Este año los días de llegada y salida son los jueves por la tarde, del 14 de mayo hasta el 15 de octubre.
Por favor observa que para hacer un retiro personal en Dharmaloca previamente tienes que haber atendido al menos un retiro con Jaya o Gemma, y que durante el verano el acompañamiento personal quizás no podrá ser continuado.
Para más información: dharmalocaretreat(@)opendharma.org

~Reflexión por Gemma
La palabra

Llueve a cántaros y en mi mente veo imagines de la pista de acceso a mi pequeña casita, arcilla que se convierte en pista de esquí con el agua, intransitable, peligrosa y a la vez llena de emoción con buenos neumáticos y sin niños en el asiento de atrás.
Qué bonito ver llover tanto en esta tierra seca y austera del Priorat!
Qué oportuna la limpieza profunda del agua cayendo y penetrando en la tierra!
Qué inconveniente y a la vez qué precioso depender del cielo y de la tierra para planear y llevar a cabo las tareas del día a día.
Esta vez la imposibilidad de salir fuera y adentrarme en alguna de las mil tareas por hacer, me ha abierto la puerta a la posibilidad de escuchar a mi maestra zen hablar per radio Catalunya. Qué agradable sorpresa oír su voz y reconocer su espíritu! Su hablar tan familiar en mi corazón, y su profundidad y coraje poniendo palabras con raíz en el altavoz de lo mundano, allí, en el ancho mundo…

Decía que hablar sin raíz es mentir. 
Como seres humanos tenemos la posibilidad de hablar desde un espacio conectado, de hablar con sentido. Podemos hablar desde el presente , desde este aquí y ahora que no alberga hábitos ni rencores. Podemos hablar dejándonos hablar, o en otras palabras, dejando que este espacio más profundo y silencioso hable. Reconociéndonos más allá de la descripción de nosotros mismos, parte de algo mucho más ancho que puede hablar y a lo que podemos escuchar. Es algo así como volvernos transparentes, dejando de lado nuestras preferencias y opiniones para escuchar a la vida y arraigarnos en ella, de tal forma que las palabras encuentren esta fuente fresca de dónde nacer sin cargas, sin pasado y sin veneno.

Y hablaba de qué hacer si nos encontramos en la amarga situación de haber dicho algo fuera de lugar o con veneno a alguien…
Entonces darnos cuenta y sentir esta tristeza, acercarnos al otro si es posible y reconstruir la conexión, reconocernos en nuestra humanidad y con nuestras áreas por retocar, encontrar la humildad y darnos permiso de preguntarnos qué había detrás de estas palabras lanzadas, qué emoción, qué miedo… y volver a empezar, una y otra vez volver a empezar.

De nuevo descubrir nuestros pies y este aire que respiramos, nuestra barriga, la belleza que nos rodea, la eternidad de este instante.


por Gemma

(Photos por Gemma.)

~ ¿Dónde están las monedas? 

Este mes Hedy comparte un cuento sobre nuestros orígenes.

Quiero compartir con vosotros un trozo de un cuento que habla sobre nuestros orígenes,de cómo nutrirnos de nuestras raíces. 

"En una noche cualquiera, una persona, de la que no sabemos si es un hombre o una mujer, tuvo un sueño. Es un sueño que todos tenemos alguna vez. Esta persona soñó que en sus manos recibía unas cuantas monedas de sus padres. No sabemos si eran muchas o pocas, si eran miles, cientos, una docena o aún menos. Tampoco sabemos de qué metal estaban hechas, si eran de oro, plata, bronce, hierro o quizá de barro.

Mientras soñaba que sus padres le entregaban estas monedas, sintió espontáneamente una sensación de calor en su pecho. Quedó invadida por un 
alborozo sereno y alegre. Estaba contenta, se llenó de ternura y durmió plácidamente el resto de la noche.

Cuando despertó a la mañana siguiente, la sensación de placidez y satisfacción persistía.

Entonces, decidió caminar hacia la casa de sus padres. Y, cuando llegó, mirándolos a los ojos, les dijo:

— Esta noche habéis venido en sueños y me habéis dado unas cuantas monedas en mis manos. No recuerdo si eran muchas o pocas. Tampoco sé de qué metal estaban hechas, si eran monedas de un metal precioso o no. Pero no importa, porque me siento plena y contenta. Y vengo a deciros gracias, son suficientes, son las monedas que necesito y las que merezco.  Así que las tomo con gusto porque vienen de vosotros. Con ellas seré capaz de recorrer mi propio camino.

Al oír esto, los padres, que como todos los padres se engrandecen a través del reconocimiento de sus hijos, se sintieron aún más grandes y generosos. En su interior sintieron que aún podían seguir dando a su hijo, porque la capacidad de recibir amplifica la grandeza y el deseo de dar. Así, dijeron: 

— Ya que eres tan buen hijo puedes quedarte con todas las monedas, puesto que te pertenecen. Puedes gastarlas como quieras y no es necesario que nos las devuelvas. Son tu legado, único y personal. Son para ti.

Entonces este hijo se sintió también grande y pleno. Se percibió completo y rico y pudo dejar en paz la casa de sus padres. A medida que se alejaba, sus pies se apoyaban firmes sobre la tierra y andaba con fuerza. Su cuerpo también estaba bien asentado en la tierra y ante sus ojos se abría un camino claro y un horizonte esperanzador.

Mientras recorría el camino de la vida, encontró distintas personas con las que caminaba lado a lado. Se acompañaban durante un trecho, a veces más largo o más corto, otras veces estaban con él durante toda la vida. Eran sus socios, sus amigos, parejas, vecinos, compañeros, colaboradores e incluso sus adversarios. En general, el camino resultaba sereno, gozoso, en sintonía con su espíritu y su naturaleza personal. Tampoco estaba exento de los pesares naturales que la vida impone. Era el camino de su vida.

De vez en cuando esta persona volvía la vista atrás hacia sus padres y recordaba con gratitud las monedas recibidas. Y cuando observaba el transcurso de su vida, miraba a sus hijos o recordaba todo lo conseguido en el ámbito personal, familiar, profesional, social o espiritual, aparecía la imagen de sus padres y se daba cuenta de que todo aquello había sido possible gracias a lo recibido de ellos y que con su éxito y logros les honraba.

Se decía a sí mismo: «No hay mejor fertilizante que los propios orígenes», y entonces su pecho volvía a llenarse con la misma sensación expansiva que le había embargado la noche que soñó que recibía las monedas."

 "¿Dónde están las monedas?" de Joan Garriga


por Hedy

Próximos Eventos

(Aquí listamos solo los que se harán en castellano y/o catalán)
16-18 Octubre, 2015.
Retiro de meditación con caballos en Dharmaloca, Tarragona, España.
Dejando que los caballos nos susurren nuestra verdadera naturaleza.
clic aquí para mas información sobre el sitio y como llegar hasta allí
Las enseñanzas se darán en inglés y en castellano si es necesario.
Facilitadora: Gemma Polo.
Para más información y para inscribirte, escribe a:
Bienvenidos a todos!
Nos encantaría compartir tu inspiración en las próximas newsletters. Puedes mandar fotos, poesías, dibujos, reflexiones,  comprensiones que vinieron durante o después de un retiro… (lo puedes hacer incluso de una forma anónima y en castellano o catalán). Por favor, manda tus inspiraciones a od.newsletter.latino (@) gmail.com.
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The Open Centre, an Open Dharma project.

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The Open Centre, an Open Dharma project.

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