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~ October Newsletter
In the Northern US there is no mistaking it-- Fall is in the air! The crispness and coolness makes it feel like the perfect time to practice along with this month's theme, October Outbreath. What's the air like where you are? How does it feel to practice together in this new way? We'd love to hear about your experiences of joining in with the monthly theme....September's Wildwalking, or this month's Outbreath....


by Jessica

(Photo: The meditation hall at the Deep Rest retreat in Spain this summer.)

In this newsletter

~ News
~ The Monthly Theme--October Outbreath
~ Video Open Dharma
~ "All the Different Shades of Gold," a poem from Beka
~ Science of the Outbreat
~One Moment Meditation
~ Upcoming Events


~ News


Jaya will do one-to-one interviews of 10-15 minutes each via skype on Sunday, 2 October, between 4:00-6:30pm her time (in Western Europe).

If you would like to schedule a time for an interview, please email Lizzie: interviews (at) opendharma.org
Radio Dharma
Jaya will give a radio dharma talk over the free internet radio site blogradio.com on Saturday, 8 October at 4:00pm, in Western Europe. (The site lists the start time as 10:00am, as it's based in the Eastern US.) Please join in by following this link. If you don't want to miss it, click on "follow," just under the Open Dharma logo. 

FoOD Barcelona
Friends of Open Dharma is starting a new group in Barcelona, and the first meeting will be 5 October, 19:30.  All welcome!

To join, or for more info, e-mail Hedy at hedykramer (AT) yahoo.es

Spring Retreat in India
We are very happy to announce that a new center in the Himalayan foothills has confirmed these dates for the April-May retreat of 2012:
15 April - 5 May in an orchard in the mountains.
We are still hoping to confirm the dates and place for the retreats in Rishikesh in March-April, 2012.

~ The Monthly Theme

Jaya offers the monthly practice theme--October Outbreath.

Change is in the air, and it can be freeing. 

Some suggestions below; please feel free to add yours.

Just an out-breath (or two) in the middle of any activity -- feel what is, or tune into your deepest wish in life.  Can make a change.

One minute (60 seconds!) of tuning into the out-breath several times a day can help us get out of habit-energies and feel more light and alive.

With each out-breath, letting go intentionally of weightiness, ideas of what you are and what others are and what life is.  What is left?

The "Jin Shin Jyutsu breath" starts with an out-breath --letting go and making space for something fresh--where we also feel or imagine energy traveling down the front of the body.  Then the in-breath comes with fresh energy up the back of the body.  9 times or 36 times, or...

The out-breath as an offering to a specific plant or tree. Again one minute can be profound.

The basic goodness of the breathing, and the softness of the out-breath.


Simple and good.




by Jaya

(Photo: Two views near the East Sussex retreat center. The top photo shows a "long man," which was cut into the turf.)


~ Video Open Dharma

Evan has posted two more Open Dharma videos. The first is an interview with Ajay, and the second is a guided meditation with Jaya, accompanied by Virginie's beautiful photos. Click here and here to check them out. And thanks, Evan!

(Photos: Ajay giving an interview, top, and a meditative image by Virginie, below.)

~All the Different Shades of Gold

Beka writes: "A small miracle happened for me-- I wrote a poem whilst managing the retreat.....(?!).  This feels like a landmark.....it's inspired by Autumn and Rama Krishna."

"All the Different Shades of Gold"

This golden moment

just happens to be 

the best moment of my entire life.

Not because I asked it to be

and not because I seeked it out.


This begging bowl heart

is already made of all the

different shades of gold.

It is not asking or waiting.

But already full

of an emptiness

as ripe and juicy

as the blackberries

and hawthorns;


receiving and, therefore,

being received.

by Beka


(Photo: Beka, Jaya and Dominika this Septemberin East Sussex, in the hall just at the end of the retreat, which Beka and Dominika helped manage. )

~ Science of the Outbreath

It's funny that Jaya chose Outbreath as October's theme, as only days before I'd heard a radio report about British scientist Iain Stewart, who spent two days sealed in an airtight glass box along with around 180 plants in order to demonstrate how we rely on one another for breathing.

"I think everyone knows generally that the oxygen that we breathe that’s in our atmosphere comes from photosynthesis and generally from plants," UK Professor Iain Stewart told Public Radio's Living on Earth, "but, you know, actually how much people appreciate that just how much of that oxygen, and how much they rely on plants -- that's the kind of thing that they take for granted every day." The relationship is sensitive, and intimate.

If Stewart doesn't do his part, exercising and producing CO2, then the plants can't produce enough oxygen to keep his body going.  To check out Stewart's story, click through the link.

by Jessica


(Photo: Scientist Iain Stewart.)

~One Moment Meditation

From Rachel comes this sweet video about meditation. Follow the link!

~ Upcoming Retreat Dates & Details


14 - 16 October 2011, Deep rest weekend retreat in Eastbourne, UK.

Teachings will be in English

Facilitator: Gemma

For information and registration write to:

info (at) retreattogayles.co.uk



21 - 23 October 2011 & 24 - 30 October, silent retreat, Mebane, North Carolina 

Facilitators: Jaya and Gemma

For information and registration, write to:

opendharma.nc (at) gmail.com


October 2010 - October 2011, Freedom of Movement Lab 

Facilitators: Jaya

For information and registration, write to:

interviews (at) opendharma.org

First week of November, 2012

Open Dharma is planning an event in San Francisco!
For more information, write to:
sfbodhi (at) yahoo.com


6 - 15 January, 2012, 17 - 26 January, and 27 January - 5 February, Silent retreats near Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India

Teachings will be in English

With Ajay, Gemma, and Jaya. Nicole Christin will join us on one retreat.

For information and registration, write to:

opendharmainfo (at) yahoo.com


8 - 18 February, Dharma Gathering in Sarnath, India

Teachings will be in English

With Christopher, Jaya, Zohar, and Jess.

Come any day; leave any day.

On an entirely donation basis. 

Teachings will be in English.

For information and registration check:



24 - 31 March, and 1 - 11 April, Deep Rest retreats near Rishikesh, India

Teachings will be in English

With Ajay and Jaya

More information coming soon.


15 April - 5 May, retreat in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, India

Teachings will be in English

With Ajay, Gemma and Jaya

More information coming soon.

~ Welcome to Everyone

We would love to share your inspiration in an upcoming newsletter. Photos! Poems! Drawings! Musings! Reflections on a recent--or not so recent--retreat! (You can even tell us that you'd like to contribute anonymously.) Please feel free to send any contributions  to newsletter (at) opencentre.es

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